Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cara Mengembalikan File & Foto Yang Terhapus Pada Kartu Memori

Cara Mengembalikan File & Foto Yang Terhapus Pada Kartu Memori - Sobat pasti kesal kan jika Data yang penting tak sengaja terhapus Per terdelete atau bahkan hilang. Fille Data itu adalah fille data yg sangat penting berupa gambar atau fotto, video/film, musik atau laguu, ducumennt (ms excel, ms word, ms access, ms power point, dll). Pastilah Sobat bingung kan bila terjadi masalah seperti itu dan tdk tahu cara mengatasi file yg hilang bahkan di Recycle Bin file yg Sobat cari tak ada di situ. Utk itu bila Sobat Online ingin mengembalikan file yang terhapus di butuhkan sebuah Sofware utk membantu Sobat dlm merecovery data yg telah hilang salah satunya dgn menggunakan RECUVA.

Recuva adalah Sofware gratis windows utility, yg berguna utk mengembalikan atau merecovery file atau data yg telah hilang / terhapus yang berada di hardisk ,di flasdisk, mmc, micro atau kartu memory yg lain. Dgn menggunakan Sofware Aplikasi ini bissa membantu Sobat utk mengatasi problem tersebut. Banyak bermacam Sofware Aplikasi yg di sediakan utk mengatasi masalah ini salah satunya dgn menggunakan sofware gratis yaitu Recuva. Ok langsung saja Sobat, berikut Ane berikan tutorial tentang Panduan Cara Mengembalikan File yg Sudah Terhapus menggunakan Recuva di bawah ini:

Pertama Sobat Unduh terlebih dahulu Sofware Recuva
Setelah itu Instalah Aplikasinya hingga selesai
Setelah berhasil terinsal jalankan Program Recuvanya
Jangan lupa untuk di centang ya Sobat “Do not show this Wizard on startup” kemudian pilih next
Pilih Type File yg akn di recovery Oleh Sobat disini di sediakan untuk type file berupa e-mail, music(lagu), picture/fotto/gambar,documentts,compressed,video(film).Jika Sobat hanya kepingin mengembalikan data foto pilih lah picture atau bila file data berupa ms word atau ms excel pilihlah yg document namun jika Sobat menghendaki semua file yg kepingin di kembalikan pilih saja ”All Files”. Setelah tersebut di lanjutkan dgn memilih ”Next”

Kemudian di Form selanjutnya pilih lokasi atau tempat yg diinginkan Sobat untuk memulihkan file yg sudah terhapus. Jika file yang terhapus di berada sebuah flasdisk ataupun memory yang tersimpan di Handphone maka pilihlah “in spesific location” setelah itu brows, Pilih flasdisk yg akan di pulihkan datanya bahkan Sobat bisa memulihkan file  yang datanya  berada di dlm Folder tertentu. Bila sudah setelah itu pilih lah ” Ok  dan  pilih ” Next ”

Kemudian di Form berikutnya centang ” Enable Deep Scan ” setelah tersebut pilih ”Star” maka akn muncul proses recoverynya dan tunggu sampai prosesnya selesai
Setelah Proses selesai maka akan muncul Bulatan warna Merah serta Hijau.
Warna Hijau  ->File ini Masih bisa di kembalikan atau di pulihkan. Warna Merah ->File ini gak bisa untuk di kembalikan

Catatan : Untuk sebuah File bertype Documennt kadang file yang sudah di recovery dapat di selematkan namun pas di buka muncul kotakan atau bahkan file tersebut sudah menjadi kode kode yang aneh biasanya ini sudah terkena virus dan susah utk di kembalikan seperti semula dan utk file film terkadang jg sama ada yg dapat di putar & ada yang tdk dpt untuk di putar.
Disini Abdi akn merecovery data lagu dapat di lihat di gambar yg berada bawah. Untuk merecovery File data Sobat Online Harus memilih yang berwarna hijau & jangan lupa utk di centang data yg akan di Recovery

Kemudian Gw akn memilih file data utk di pulihkan atau di recovery berjumlah 6 buah. Setelah selesai dlm memilih data yg akan di pulihkan setelah itu pilih lah “Recover” lalu akn muncul lokasi yang di inginkan utk memulihkan File data tersebut. Jika mau menempatkan di folder baru maka buatlah folder baru terlebih dahulu atau pilih  “ Make New Folder ” kemudian beri nama folder tersebut pilih OK.

Yang terakhir periksalah File yang telah di pulihkan tadi di Folder  yg telah Sobat Online  pilih. Di bawah ini ialah gambar dari data file yg telah abdi recoveri atau pulihkan berjumlah  6 lagu.

Sekian Info yang bisa Gw bagikan kali ini tentang Panduan Cara Mengembalikan File & Foto Yang Terhapus Pada Kartu Memori. Semoga Informasi yang ane berikan pada kesempatan hari ini bisa bermanfaat & bermanfaat tentunya bagi Sobat Online. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

HTC Thunderbolt - Beautiful Gadget With Interactive Options

HTC Thunderbolt - Beautiful Gadget With Interactive Options - As the craze of change into the operator of the branded handset in present day handset clients is growing daily. So, in kind of satisfying this kind of requirements of handset consumers, numerous mobile phone manufacturers have prompt the solution when it comes to their huge number of latest gizmos time to time. The manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sony Ericssion, HTC, Motorolla. are the large titles within the arena of conversation as well as their suggested products have become part of life for a lot of phone customers around the world. But, the customer's newest curiosity happen to be noticed in HTC Thunderbolt, that are in limelight nowadays and becoming big purchase by the customers. The large like HTC in addition has spreaded its wings inside the domain of conversation globally and it is proposed devices are all the time been a cause of appeal for each age group of phone freak. It's possible to discover a number of outlandish gadgets of HTC brand available for sale like HTC Miracle, Touch Diamond, Leading man, Touch High definition, Click, Touch 3G and a lot of much more. These are the few fantastic masterpieces of HTC logo and flourishing a great deal in the mobile phone marketplace on account of their beautiful seems, excessive end features, low expenses and benefits of latest technologies as well. So, in an effort to select the quality of this kind of fantastic HTC phones are, one must go the features of couple of fashions like HTC Touch Gemstone, Hero and phone 3G respectively.

Cara Mengembalikan File & Foto Yang Terhapus Pada Kartu Memori - Firstly, talking in regards to the HTC Thunderbolt, which magnetize consumer via its ravishing appear and constructed up high complete features. This gadget is packed with a 3.2 Mega pixel useful digital camera, which is excellent to capture respectable photos. This digital camera can be valuable for 3G video calling, video documenting, video enjoying via a participant etc. Nevertheless most likely its 2.8" wide colour Liquid crystal display touchscreen could be very fascinating that guarantees 1 for colour eyesight of every result at 480 by 640 pixel resolution. Apart from it, the strength of 256 Megabytes memory can also be useful for 1, which is nice enough to store worthwhile understanding like tunes, video videos, photos and so on. One can easily avail the net facility within this device by inbuilt quick online connectivity functions as 3G HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS and Wi-Fi. A high quality electric battery of the gadget enables 1 for 5.5 hours of GSM talk some time and 285 hours of GSM standby time.

Similarly, the Leading man may also be one other HTC Thunderbolt for one and have really stylish appear and fortunate with many fun functions too. Its constructed up of 5MP camera is a great possibility for you to catch each most joyful moment of existence with actual colors. This digital camera seems additional lucrative for video recording. Similarly, a 3.2" huge colour TFT Liquid crystal display touchscreen of the gadget appears perfect to represents every result clearly at 320 by 480 pixels resolution. Furthermore, this gadget can also be capable of supporting Internet service because of the benefits of connectivity functions like Wi-Fi, 3G HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS. Such choices are really reliable and capable of get instantaneous access of Web within this gadget.

Equally, the customers have additionally affected with HTC Contact 3G cellphone, which is yet another shocking seeking handset for just one. This greatest phone comes loaded with a 3.2 MP camera, that is far in a position for 3G video calling, video documenting, creating picture album and far capable of catch wonderful high quality pictures too. A 2.8 inches huge colour Liquid crystal display contact delicate display can also be good and capable of show obviously every result with vibrant decision up to 240 x 320 pixels. This gadget posses a great deal remarkable measurements like 102 x 53.6 by 14.5 millimeters also it weighs in at exclusively 96 grams. A lot more the benefit of 256MB memory on this gadget can also be good supply to store great quantity of information.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Samsung Tocco Well-designed touchscreen gadget

Samsung Tocco Well-designed touchscreen gadget - Among these effective mobile manufacturing companies, Samsung is the one which had crossed a lot of kilometer stones and eventually became a member of within the listing of leading cell phone businesses. The Samsung is known for presenting handsets with revolutionary functions and extremely stylish looks. Most of the style-aware mobile users across the world are utilizing Samsung gadgets. The Samsung Tocco, Samsung M8800 Pixon, the Samsung D980, the Samsung U800 Spirit b and the Samsung i8510 INNOV8 are some of the popular Samsung handsets in the present day mobile market.

 In this existing article, we will talk about concerning the Samsung Tocco gadget that has won the hearts of the cellular customers with its lively sophisticated technology touchscreen function. To reach the wallets of all of the cellular customers, who wish to maintain an affordable touchscreen gadget within their fingers, Samsung has introduced this newest mobile phone in a sensible price. Its black colour covered casing stands out very bright in darkish. 5 MP camera, large touchscreen show, video clip recorder, music player and record viewer are the most sumptuous options that come with the Tocco mobile phone from Samsung. One can obtain their favorite tunes, games and movies for this telephone online because this slim gadget arrives pre installed with all the first class bandwith features and connectivities. These functions and connectivities consist of course 12 GPRS, course 12 Advantage, 3rd generation-HSDPA, USB v2 and wireless v2 with A2DP Bluetooth connectivity.

Cara Partisi SD Card Menggunakan Aparted - Besides advanced data transfer functions, the Samsung Tocco phone has high-pace Internet browsing choices like WAP 2.0 /xHTML and HTML Web browser. These searching choices allow the users to surf websites on the internet at high speed. Moreover, the users of this advanced telephone can use all of the Internet amenities with the aid of these browsing choices. You of the gadget can share their feelings using their close to and dear ones by delivering communications by way of this telephone because it has several texting options like Text, EMS, MMS, Email and Im. To transmit photos combined with the text messages, you can use MMS services of the touchscreen digital camera phone. Having a light-weight of 100.6 gr and size of 98.4 x 55 x 11.6 millimeters, this Tocco gadget offers great comfort to its users.

 Among the intriguing options that come with this amazing phone is its vibrant glassy electronic obvious 2.8" TFT touchscreen. This colourful display supports 256K colors and offers a higher resolution of 240 x 320 p. The broad TFT touchscreen of this phone certainly provides ultimate experience towards the users, whilst working all of the telephone options on it. You can view documented videos and pictures on its lcd screen with crystal clear high quality. Our prime resolution 5 mega pixels digital camera of the Samsung Tocco mobile phone comes with camera face recognition, autofocus, video clip recorder and flash functions.