Thursday, January 15, 2015

Myspace layouts

Well first of all it’s not really a web page. It’s more of a “blog” on which you can put your photos, make your gallery, and upload your music, videos and so on. It has been said that by Myspace you almost learn more about a person than in real life. There are even Myspace layouts. We divide the group in 2 sub groups, the stock Myspace layouts and those which you can make.

Have you ever seen an internet add: “Want to buy a Myspace layout?”
Yes you’ve guessed it. Myspace and Myspace layouts have become so popular that people even buy them. With a good Myspace layout you can become one of the most famous people on the internet. Singers, music groups, stars etc. are hiring people to make unique Myspace layouts and comment their profiles.

Why do they do that?

The site it self has been considered one of the most popular of its kind. All the advertisements combined together can’t be all that successful as a well rated and commented profile.

I my self think that if Myspace continues all the good work people could start socializing only by the site and not in real life.

So how can I choose the right layout for my self? The one that really fits my character!

You should consider checking already made ones. Some of them are quite “cool”. On the other hand if you trust your designing skills you should try to make one, hey maybe you’ll even become a my space layout creator. Or if you are too lazy to do any of those and have a lot of money, just hire someone to do a professional job and enjoy your “excellent layout” comments and ratings.
You should think about telling the creator about you, so he can make the one, matching your character.

I’m working really hard to make my profile popular, none the less I’ve found someone with a ridiculously high amount of good ratings!

As you probably all know, being fair is always good, but with cheating, you’ll really get there, even if it will sicken some people.
Some people, that just don’t have time to invest in Myspace layouts, simply hire someone, to fake many accounts and make the rating sky high. It’s just one of the really few Myspace and Myspace layouts disadvantages.

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